How Can an Added Sugar Cause Fattening?


An unhealthy diet and lifestyle will always cause weight gain. It will lead to unnecessary fat gain too. The same goes with consuming food high in sugar like candy, sweetened beverages, sugary cereals, etc. this can cause many health-related problems, which can cause harm to your body. Hence, it is always better to avoid such foods.


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Let us show you how these sugary foods cause fattening in people:

  1. These added sugars are sweeteners that are added to these foods and beverages to make them taste good. Some of these common types of sugars are fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, and many more.

This kind of sugar is termed as empty calories which do not have any essential nutrients which your body might need like vitamins, minerals, fibres, protein, and fats. A small intake of these foods containing added sugar might not harm your body, but daily indulging in this food intake will add fats to your body.

  1. As we all know the eating sugary foods can cause a rise in our blood sugar level. Though having these sugary foods sometimes might not cause harm, but regular intake of them may cause chronically elevated blood sugar levels. There is something called hyperglycaemias (which are due to elevated blood sugar) that can cause serious harm to your body. This can cause weight gain too as it promoted insulin resistance.
  2. Foods and beverages that are packed in sugar such as cakes, candies, soda, ice cream all lack protein which is an essential nutrient for your body, and which also causes fullness. Protein helps in the feeling of fullness by causing slow digestion. They keep the blood sugar levels stable and regulate hunger hormones.
  3. Another disadvantage of this added sugar is that if it becomes a part of your everyday diet, then chances are that you miss eating some important nutrients which are essential for your body. Proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals all are required to keep your body healthy. These are only present in nutritious foods which lack sugary substances.
  4. Another disadvantage of this added sugar is that it may cause you to overeat. This is because this added sugar has fructose in it which causes to increase appetite by affecting the part of the brain called hypothalamus (this is responsible for regulating many body functions including appetite). This will cause you to eat more.
  5. Many studies done by our researchers have found that an increase in added sugar intakes can cause problems like obesity, heart disease, and mainly diabetes. This has been found both in adults and children too.


It is always recommended that you avoid these foods with added sugar, if you want to be healthy.

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