Have You Heard About Delta-8 THC?

Recently, New York state has legalized marijuana and became the 16th state in the country where recreational use of cannabis has become legal. However, dispensaries will not open for recreational users at the moment and the same is true in all the other parts of USA.

However, in the meantime, Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol has appeared in the market that is a very close relative of THC, the compound termed as psychoactive compound present in cannabis.

We cannot say at the moment whether Delta-8 is legal because the cannabinoid has not been explicitly addressed by the Farm Bill of 2018, which has only legalized CBD and a few other compounds that are derived from hemp.

For those who are interested to seek a buzz, delta-8 can be an appealing option as compared to any other hemp products available in various stores.

Those who have ever tried delta-8 mention that it made them feel relaxed, creative, clear-headed, without the kind of paranoia that people generally get with smoking weed. So, let us try to know what is Delta 8 THC CBD full spectrum oilin this article.

The medical potential of Delta-8-THC 

Various preclinical and clinical analyses are uncovering a few unique properties and also the therapeutic potential of this Delta-8-THC.

  1. Pain and inflammation

In 2018, a preclinical study was published and found that Delta-8-THC can help us to diminish our pain and inflammation. The research results found that applying delta-8-THC topically has greatly helped in reducing pain, and also reduced inflammation by its effects on our CB1 receptors.

Also, another preclinical study done on rats has reported that Delta-8-THC could deliver pain relief, and also tolerance developed to the cannabinoid rapidly.

  1. Anxiety

As per the report of the US National Library of Medicine, this delta-8-THC displayed anxiety-reducing qualities that are quite similar to Delta-9-THC. The anecdotal reports say that consuming Delta-8-THC can result in a calm, highly focused, but we also need more amount of clinical research about its anti-anxiety potential so that we can draw any conclusion.

  1. Nausea

In a certain study published in 1995 in Life Sciences where the nausea-fighting potential was reported about Delta-8-THC. This study followed 8 pediatric cancer patients for more than 2 years and observed that no vomiting happened when patients were ingested delta-8-THC prior to cancer treatment. A very little side effects were found.

  1. Loss of appetite

Also, it was found that Delta-8-THC can help stimulate our appetite. In 2004, research was conducted on mice that were published. It was found that after administering a  lower dose of Delta-8-THC to mice for over 50 days and that resulted in an almost 22% increase in the food intake.

The research also revealed that delta-8-THC could significantly increase food intake that was more than Delta-9-THC, which is also a well-known appetite stimulant.

Hearing about other person’s experience in various drugs can be boring like hearing their dreams, and hence we will like the stress to this point that Delta-8-THC really works. The experience that people may get is not too unpleasant at all.